niki vos

Niki Vos (1986), Founder of The Bride and Mister Fox, grew up in a small town. Yes, that’s the way many stories begin, but this story is a little different. As small as the town was, as big were her dreams. Niki was born with a mission: bringing the world better hair and make-up. So she started working at her mum’s hair studio as soon as she (almost) reached the legal working age. And so her journey began.

Within the years that followed she collected degrees at a bunch of different hair and make-up institutes: Nederlandse Kappersakademie, Toni & Guy, Kinki, Dik Peeters, The Hairschool and House of Orange. Since foxes are not only clever but also adventurous, she packed her bags and brushes and moved to America. In the big U. S. of A she worked at the spa of a luxurious cruise ship. After making numerous boat guests look absolutely fabulous and seeing the world, the entrepreneur moved back to the flat soil of The Netherlands and started her own business as a make-up and hair artist.

Her national and international client network is mainly focused in the fashion industry. She works for M.A.C. and Dior, but also for different magazines like Harper’s BAZAAR, photographers from all over the world and Fashion Weeks. Her mission goes further. With the same enthusiasm she creates bride looks and cuts the hair of half the population of Amsterdam. Niki values talent development, that is why she is the ambassador for hairstylist platform GYLD in her spare time. She also won several prices in different expertise’s.


Bio photograph by Liselore Stap.

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